Vridge Studio has designed the new Brazilian brand, 175F its a new restaurant concept with focuses on the correct way to cook red meat.

The name for 175F reflects the ideal temperature of grilled meat, preserving all nutrients, but above all the juices that red meat should have and as a Brazilian restaurant that aims at a grilled style of cooking.

Vridge’s design team was asked to create a brand strategy to articulate the restaurant’s personality, focusing on the ideal temperature and way of cooking the meat. An open identity system was created, with primary and secondary colors, for the possible use of different types of sauces that would come out of the brand, and could work in a variety of print and online applications, including packaging, print, billboard, as well as on the website, social media, digital banners and animations for online advertising.

It is a brand influenced by two styles of cooking, American Barbecue style marked with the Brazilian style of cooking, making this a perfect fusion of cultural richness and flock-or, transporting directly to a state of wellness and natural human essence.

Color and shape play a vital role in the brand identity, with a vibrant color palette composed of shades that relate to baking. Vridge has created a vibrant brand identity that evokes the brand’s mission, which allows it to stand out in an already saturated market.

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