#CCAIDIGITAL2020 / Digital World

In 2020 on the occasion of Covid-19, we were inspired to see another way to make our congress possible, the pandemic somehow made visible an accessible tool and with a very inclusive look, as is the digital world CCAI dives into a second online event where more people and different nationalities come together to learn about new technologies and digital technologies to increase accessibility for all. This time we focus on how this digital world is accessible and how we can learn about these tools and adapt them to our disciplines.

We were accompanied by more than 16 countries, as speakers and participants. We spoke from inclusive culture, by Jonathan Yeo, to learn about the importance of this issue at the level of brand strategy. He worked for more than 10 years at Apple, and then started his own brand. We talked about easy reading, one of the most important objectives when it comes to having inclusive communication, so that everyone can be part of it, and we also touched on the physical issue with the group of athletes of people with visual impairment who play soccer in Mexico. It was really a congress full of learning for everyone.

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- December 1, 2021
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